Christian Links
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Florida Baptist Convention

Presidential Prayer Team Baptist-2-Baptist
Florida Baptist Children's Homes Campus Crusade for Christ Who Is Jesus?
Florida Baptist Credit Union

The Navigators

Ten Reasons to Believe
Florida Baptist Financial Services

My Utmost for His Highest

Answers To Tough Questions
Florida Baptist Witness In Touch Ministry (Charles F. Stanley) Worthy News
Black Creek Baptist Association Billy Graham Clay County School District
Jacksonville Baptist Association Christians in Crises

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Baptist College of Florida

Spiritual Warfare

Baptist News Net
Southern Baptist Convention

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Ten Commandments
International Mission Board Dr. A. Shorrosh Islam in Focus Jews for Jesus
North American Mission Board Blue Letter Bible Barnes&Noble Books on Prayer
Christian Coalition of America Blue Letter Bible Study Tools Amazon Books on Prayer
Christian Coalition of Florida The Ten Commandments Four Spiritual Laws
Focus on the Family Cross Search Bible Study Bible Toolbox

Baptist Faith & Message for 2000

e-Sword Free Bible Program