Confidential Prayer Requests for the Pastor


1. Reasons to Pray
2. Hindrances to Answered Prayer
3. Principles of Prayer
4. Meaning of Prayer
5. Power of Prayer
6. Listening in Prayer
7. Fasting in Prayer
8. Promises of Prayer
9. Praising God
10. Giving Thanks in Prayer
11. Asking God for Direction
12. Confessing Sin in Prayer
13. Intercession Prayer
14. The Church and Prayer
15. Why Churches Do Not Pray
16. What Is Spiritual Warfare?


1. Prayer. God’s way for receiving blessings—James 4:2

2. Prayer was important to Christ on earth—Mark 1:35

3. Prayer is a means of getting help—Hebrews 4:16

4. Prayer is a way to remove anxiety—Philippians 4:6-7

5. Prayer is a way to see people saved—II Peter 3:9

6. Prayer is a way to help us grow spiritually—James 5:16, Phil 1:9-11

7. Prayer is a command for every Christian—Luke 13:1

5. Prayer does change things—James 5:16

9. Prayer brings Christian laborers—Matthew 9:38

10. Prayer delights God—Proverbs 15:8


1. Never received Christ as Savior—Romans 3:26

2. Unconfessed sin—Psalms 66:13

3. Idols—Ezekiel 14:3

4. Unresolved marital problems—I Peter 3:7

5. An unforgiving spirit—Mark 11:25; Matthew.6:14-15

6. Unresolved relationships—Matthew 5:23-24

7. Controlled by feelings—Psalms 32:6

8. Pride—2 Chronicles.7:14

9. Vain repetitions—Matthew 6:7

10. Lack of generosity—Proverbs 21:13

11. Lack of faith—James 1:6-7

12. Faith without works—James 2:14-13

13. Failure to pray—James 4:17


1. Pray in faith—Matthew.21:22, Hebrews.11:6

2. Pray in the name of Jesus —John.14:13-14

3. Pray concerning the will of God—I John .5:14-15

4. Pray under the guidance of the Holy Spirit—Jude 1:20; John.14:16-17

5. Pray with all sins confessed—I John.1:9

    a. Omission— things that you failed to do

    b. Commission—things you actually did that was wrong

6. Pray with a forgiving heart to others—Mark.11:25

7. Pray with persistence—Luke 11:8

8. Pray with sincerity from the heart—James.5:16

9. Pray for specific things—Mark 11:23

10. Pray with humility—2 Chronicles 7:14

11. Pray with wholeheartedness—Jeremiah 29:13

12. Pray with confidence that God will answer—I John 3:21-22

13. Pray as you ask the Holy Spirit to examine your motives—James.4:3

14. Pray as you act on God’s leadership—Proverbs 3:5-6

15. Pray as you abide in ChristJohn 15:7

16. Pray as you obey what you already know is the will of God—Philippians 4:9, Genesis 31:16, James.4:17

17. Model PrayerMatthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:24

18. The real Lord’s or priestly PrayerJohn Chapter 17


1. Prayer is talking with God
2. Prayer is listening to God
3. Prayer is learning more about God
4. Prayer is recognizing the presence of God- Psalms 118:18
5. Prayer is claiming the promises of God- 2 Peter 1:4
6. Prayer is the greatest weapon against Satan - Ephesians  6:10-18
7. Prayer is our resource of strength and power-Psalms 18:1, Psalms 28:7
8. Prayer is a way to discover the will of God - Psalms 25:4-5
9. Prayer is a method of receiving peace- Psalms 29:11; Psalms 122:6
10. Prayer is God’s way to get our needs met - Philippians 4:19
11. Prayer is a way to receive a miracle- Matthew 8:2-3
12. Prayer is how to grow spiritually- 2 Peter 3:18
13. Prayer is sharing your problems and cares with God-Philippians 4:6
14. Prayer is worshipping God- Psalms 86:9; Psalms 95:6
15. Prayer is abiding in Christ- John 15:5, 7
16. Prayer is fellowshipping with God- 1 John 1:6-7
17. Prayer is receiving a vision from God- Psalms 89:19
18. Prayer is finding refuge in God- Psalms 7:1; Psalms 9:9
19. Prayer is expressing love for God- Psalms5:11; 18:1
20. Prayer is thanking God for what He has done-Psalms 50:14, Psalms 107:22, Psalms 116:17
21. Prayer is receiving the blessings of God- Psalms 21:6, Psalms 128:2


1. Prayer is power to meet needs of people around the world- Philippians 4:19
2. Prayer is power to reach the lost for Christ- John 10:9; Acts 2:21
3. Prayer is power to change lives- James 5:16
4. Prayer is power to resolve problems and conflicts-John 14:26
5. Prayer is power to accomplish the impossible- Matthew 19:26
6. Prayer is power to see the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit- Acts 4:31
7. Prayer is power to bring revival and reformation- 2 Chronicles 7:14
8. Prayer is power to bring heaven down to earth- Matthew 6:9-13, Matthew 16:19
9. Prayer is power to accomplish the will of God-1 John 5:14
10. Prayer is power to turn the world upside down-Acts 17:6
11. Prayer is power to storm the gates of hell - Matthew 16:18


1. Listening is concentrating on what God is saying to you- Joshua 3:9
2. Listening is allowing the rhema word of God speak to you- Ephesians 6:18
3. Listening is allowing the Spirit of God to touch you-John 14:17 
4. Listening is paying attention to the voice of God-Nehemiah 9:17
5. Listening is responding when God speaks - Leviticus 26:21
6. Listening is a “school of silence.”
7. Listening is communication from the Holy Spirit to your spirit- Romans 8:26
8. Listening is recognizing the presence of God - Matthew 18:19 
9. Listening is the key to answered prayer.
10. Listening is acknowledging your love for God-Deuteronomy 13:3, Deuteronomy 30:20
11. Listening is silent worship of God.
12. Listening is expecting God to speak to you - Deuteronomy 5:27
13. Listening is being a sheep and recognizing the voice of the Shepherd- John 10:27
14. Listening is believing in the power of answered prayer- Exodus 23:22
15. Listening is  expecting God to use you to accomplish His will- Psalms 55:1-3
16. Listening is trying to understand what the Lord is saying to you- Psalms 34:11


1. Fasting teaches self-discipline.
2. Fasting cleanses the body.
3. Fasting gives victory over temptation- Matthew 4:2
4. Fasting provides wisdom for making difficult decisions- Esther 4:16
5. Fasting helps the process of world evangelism- John 3:5
6. Fasting prepares for effective service.
7. Fasting directly limits the power of Satan- Mark 9:29
8. Fasting is an act of holiness- Zechariah 7:5
9. Fasting helped many church leaders throughout history - Joel 1:14
10. Fasting provides more time for prayer- II Samuel 12:21
11. Fasting provides protection from our enemies- Ezra 8:21
12. Fasting prepares for revival- I Samuel 7:6
13. Fasting is a ministry unto the Lord- Acts 13:2
14. Fasting prepares our hearts to receive the word of God.
15. Fasting strengthens us to cope with pain.


1. Salvation- Psalms 85:7
2. Conviction of sins- Job 13:23
3. Cleansing from sin- Psalms 51:2
4. A renewed and right spirit- Psalms 51:10
5. Forgiveness of sin- Psalms 25:18; 39:8
6. To have joy and happiness- Psalms 51:8, 12
7. Know and understand what the will of God is- Psalms 119:26-27; 66, 73
8. Ability to obey the will of God- Psalms 119:10, 35
9. Revival or renewal in life-Psalms 85:6, 119:25, 40; 143:11
10. God will examine our life-Psalms 26:2; 139:23-24
11. Correction-  Jeremiah 10:24
12. Blessing on food- Luke 9:16; Acts 27:35
13. Help in time of trouble-Psalms 25:17; 31:2; 38:22; 40:17
14. Deliverance from enemies-Psalms 7:1; 31:15
15. Healing from sickness- Psalms 6:2; 38:13; 103:3
16. Comfort when in old age-Psalms 71:9
17. Success in business-1 Chronicles 4:10; Psalms 118:25
18. Success in life- Joshua 1:7-8; Psalms 1


1. Praise is recognizing God for who He is- Psalms 135:3
2. Praise is adoring God for what He means to us-Psalms 150:2
3. Praise is expressing our love for God- Psalms 116:1
4. Praise is showing our appreciation for the blessings of God- Psalms 118:21
5. Praise is an act of worshipping God- Psalms 111:1
6. Praise is offering a sacrifice to God- Hebrews 13:15
7. Praise is exalting the name of the Lord.
8. Praise is recognition of God’s presence.
9. Praise is releasing the power of God through exaltation of Him.
10. Praise is spiritual warfare against Satan.
11. Praise is releasing the providence of God to work all things after the will of God.
12. Praise is being lead by the Holy Spirit as an act of worship.
13. Praise is worshipping in spirit and in truth.
14. Praise is adoring God through singing songs, hymns, and spiritual songs.
15. Praise is making melody in your heart towards God.
16. Praise is releasing the blessings of God in heaven and bringing them down to earth.
17. Praise is thanking God for all the things He has done for us.


1. Thanksgiving acknowledges that Jesus Christ is LORD of your life-Colossians 3:15
2. Thanksgiving  is appreciation of God's goodness-Psalms 118:1
3. Thanksgiving is something that should be done continually- I Thessalonians 5:18
4. Thanksgiving brings the peace of God- Philippians 4:6-7
5. Thanksgiving shows our love for God- Psalms 100:4
6. Thanksgiving is a sacrifice to God- Leviticus 7:12,13
7. Thanksgiving shows our love for others- Ephesians  1:16
8. Thanksgiving at mealtime acknowledges that God has given it to us- Matthew 15:36
9. Thanksgiving shows our concern for Christian friends- I Thessalonians 1:2
10. Thanksgiving promotes positive thoughts of others- Philippians 1:3
11. Thanksgiving can be public- Psalms 35:18
12. Thanksgiving is an act of praise to God- Daniel 2:23
13. Thanksgiving should be a daily habit- I Chronicles 23:30
14. Thanksgiving is one type of a good work for God-Psalms 92:1
15. Thanksgiving should be done at all different times of the day-Psalms 119:62
16. Thanksgiving recognizes the power of God- Revelation  11:17
17. Thanksgiving is the fruit of our lips to God- Hebrews 13:15
18. Thanksgiving should be made for all men- I Timothy  2:1
19. Thanksgiving to God can be demonstrated through singing- Psalms 147:7
20. Thanksgiving is not done by infidels- Romans 1:21


1. Direction is a total surrender of your will -Romans 12:1-2
2. Direction is preparation praying- Matthew 26:41
3. Direction is preventive praying- Matthew 6:13
4. Direction is a means of deliverance- Psalms 31:15; 34:4; 39:8
5. Direction is seeking the will of God- Psalms 71:1-2
6. Direction is trusting in the Lord- Proverbs 3:5-6
7. Direction is a righteous life- Proverbs 11:5-6
8. Direction means seeking wisdom from God and be ready to act- Ecclesiastes 10:10
9. Direction is confidence that God will hear your prayer- Psalms 5:3
10. Direction is waiting for God's timing to act with the right attitude- II Thessalonians 3:5
11. Direction is seeking advise from Christian counselors- Proverbs 11:14; 12:20


1. Confession is letting God show us our sins- Psalms 139:23-24
2. Confession involves seeking cleansing from God- Psalms 51:3
3. Confession leads to forgiveness- I John 1:9
4. Confession means allowing God to speak to us- Psalms 46:10
5. Confession is saying the same thing that God says about sin.
6. Confession is being in agreement with God about what is right and wrong.
7. Confession is to admit to God what His Spirit has shown you is sin- John 16:13
8. Confession is to renew your fellowship with God- Psalms 51:10
9. Confession is to reconcile your differences with others- Matthew 5:23-24
10. Confession is a catharsis of the soul- Jeremiah 3:13
11. Confession is a cleansing of the heart- Jeremiah 17:9
12. Confession is correcting the wrong you have done- Ezra 10:11; I Corinthians 2:10
13. Confession is an examination of the heart- I Chronicles 28:9
14. Confession results in healing-James.5:16


1. Intercession is working together with God- I Corinthians 3:9

2. Intercession is personal concern for other Christians- I Thessalonians 5:25

3. Intercession is recognizing authority- I Timothy 2:1-2

4. Intercession brings healing- James 5:16

5. Intercession is an expression of love for others- John 13:34-35

6. Intercession is a method of evangelism - Acts 1:14, Romans 10:1

7. Intercession is praying for Christian workers- Matthew 9:38

8. Intercession is a means of helping others grow spiritually- Colossians1:9-11 

9. Intercession is a method of finding reconciliation- II Corinthians 5:20

10. Intercession is a command of God- John 17

11. Intercession is praying for those who cannot pray for themselves:

a. Lost- no Holy Spirit

            b. Back-slidden Christians- Psalms 66:18

12. Intercession is plowing the ground of a person's heart- John 16:8

13. Intercession is pleading to God on behalf of others- Ezra 22:30

14. Intercession is every Christians responsibility

15. Intercession is a privilege to pray for those whom you love.


1. A praying church resists the attacks of Satan- I Peter t.5:9     

2. A praying church produces holy members - I Peter 1:16

3. A praying church produces prayer warriors - Philippians 2:25

4. A praying church controls the destiny of nations-       James.5:16

5. A praying church helps a nation to repent- II Chronicles 7:14

6. A praying church  results in miracles- Acts 4:31

7.  A praying church strengthens it's leaders- Acts 1:24-26

8. A praying church establishes a priority of prayer- Acts 1:14

9. A praying church attacks the forces of evil- Matthew 16:18

10. A praying church leads the lost to Christ- Acts 1:8

11. A praying church delivers a city for Christ

12. A praying church attacks the gates of hell- Matthew 16:18

13. A praying church uses the keys of the kingdom of heaven- Matthew 16:19

14. A praying church finds power in agreement- Matthew 18:19-20 

  1. Christians are too lazy to make the time to pray.

  2. Christians are scared to pray.

  3. Christians do not think prayer will change things.

  4. Christians do not realize that God can speak to them personally through prayer.

  5. Christians are not encouraged to pray by other believers.

  6. Christians do not know how to pray.

  7. Christians are hindered by Satan to pray.

  8. Christians do not fully believe in the power of prayer.

  9. Christians do not have prayer as a high enough value.

  10. Christians do not see the need to pray.

  11. Christians do not understand the true meaning of prayer.

  12. Christians do not believe that their prayers will make a difference in the kingdom of God.

  13. Christians view prayer as unnecessary.

  14. Christians are apathetic about prayer.

  15. Christians do not comprehend how to seek the will of God through prayer.

  16. Christians do not understand the nature and character of God in knowing what to ask for.

  17. Christians do not have leaders that encourage them to pray.


1. Spiritual warfare is hindering Satan’s advance.

2. Spiritual warfare is fighting for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

3. Spiritual warfare is slowing down the kingdom of darkness-  John 1:5

4. Spiritual warfare is attacking the gates of hell- Matthew 16:18

5. Spiritual warfare is claiming in prayer what Christ has already accomplished on the cross- Colossians 2:15

6. Spiritual warfare is resisting the attacks of Satan- 1 Peter 5:6-9

7. Spiritual warfare is submitting to God and allowing Christ to live in and through us. 2 Corinthians 4:11

8. Spiritual warfare is resting in your position in heavenly places in Christ- Ephesians  1

9. Spiritual warfare is defeating the schemes and plots of Satan- Ephesians 6:11

10. Spiritual warfare is delivering a person from bondage with Satan to victory in Christ- Luke 4:18